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Digital Push-to-Talk Microphones

Crystal Clear Digital Push-to-Talk Technology

At Audio and Interpretation Services Ltd we believe that to get the possible level of service you need to use the very best equipment.

Our digital push to talk conference microphones are state-of-the-art and use technology which ensures crystal clear communication. This is vitally important when using simultaneous translation to ensure that the translation is accurate and unambiguous.

Our digital push to talk microphones are simple and fast to install and guarantee better acoustics. They are easier to control, and there are no limits on the number of microphones that can be installed in a room. What’s more, our microphones are immune from interference generated by mobile phones.

Digital Push-to-Talk Microphones - digital push to talk mic resized min - AIS Limited London

The microphones we use ensure that there is no delay waiting for an operator, and they can be incorporated into video conferencing systems and most audio equipment. They can also be integrated with a dome video camera.

Using our digital push to talk microphones, everyone in the room can participate in the discussion as well as allowing for clear, simultaneous translation.