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About Audio and Interpretation Services

Facilitating Multilingual Services since 1992

Based in London in the UK, Audio and Interpretation Services has been a leader in supplying interpretation services since it was founded in 1992. Since then we have developed a reputation as a leader in supplying state-of-the-art, quality simultaneous interpretation equipment and services to our clients based in London, the UK, Europe and the United States of America. By using our expertise in the field of simultaneous interpretation, we are able to facilitate your conference or meeting where you have multi-national representatives from around the globe and wish to provide instant translation.

Our services are well suited to all type of conferences and events including

Boardrooms, Seminars and Workshops
Council Chambers
Legal Environments
Galleries and Exhibitions

About Audio and Interpretation Services

By using the very best, state-of-the art equipment, our services makes overcoming language barriers simplicity itself. Our digital push-to-talk microphones ensures everyone is heard and simultaneous translations are clear and concise for all delegates. Whether you require an off-the-shelf product or bespoke equipment, our skilled technicians have the expertise to deliver an outstanding solution. From start to end, you will receive expert and attentive service and support to ensure your conference or meeting goes smoothly.